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Local Customers Are Looking For You. Are You Looking For Them?

Fact: Ninety percent of a business customer is found within a five mile radius of the business location. Today, your potential customers are using the Yellow Pages and Daily Newspapers less and less. Instead they are searching the Internet and local based advertising to find products and services in their community. In fact, over one billion local searches take place every month online and the number keeps growing and growing. As a leader in local marketing will help your business find new customers immediately. Using a combination of online marketing strategies and local street level marketing placements we put your business in front of local customers searching for the products or services you offer.

Leave the local and online marketing to us. We take all the guess work out of promoting and advertising your business locally and online. Our plans are packed with the features your business needs to get noticed and be found!

Is right for my business? is great for any business that is looking to get more local customers. If you provide services or sell products to people in Oak Cliff, then would be great for your business. We occupy the number one spot on googles search engine for many Oak Cliff business categories. Click the SEO menu link above.

Why choose

The owners of have been helping businesses like yours succeed for over 14 years. We also provide the most feature rich plans to make sure people in Oak Cliff will see and contact your business. provides the best local marketing program period.

How does it work?

First, we gather all your business information and then distribute it throughout the internet. You will be prominently featured on and Google plus added to the rest of the internet. Second, we used both targeted local marketing strategies and proprietary tools that have proven successful with clients throughout the years. These two elements are combined to promote your business throughout Oak Cliff. In addition to seeing your business marketed throughout the community, anyone searching online for your type of business in Oak Cliff will see your business information. They will call and visit you first!

Our Online Tool is the most exciting local online marketing tool designed to increase your business.  We provide a great money saving tool for the residents of Oak Cliff and the surrounding areas. From our professionally developed banner ads, actual money saving coupons, local business information and local classifieds, our goal is to be the primary source for local business information in Oak Cliff.  
Online Facts:

  • Over 235 million people in the U. S. now have internet access in their home.  (Dept. of Commerce)
  • Local online spending in 2005 grew 46% growth over 2004 (Borrell Associates)
  • Small businesses that use the internet to promote and sell their goods/services have grown 46% faster over the past 2 years than those that have not used the internet. (Dept. of Commerce)

To view rate information you can create an account and login, or call us at (972) 499-2499 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it